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About us

Enchanted Flowers is a brand where you may feel the miracle from preserved flowers. At Enchanted Flowers we offer luxury flowers arrangements for your special occasions. We are a registered Hong Kong Company which mainly focuses on online flower business. We import premium preserved flowers to create products that are unique and sophisticated. 


Our Founder is a young Florist from Hong Kong, she is qualified from the AUBE Preserved Academy Diploma and passionate in floral design. 


We hope to offer high-end preserved floral design at a reasonable price, so that everyone has the chance to adore premium preserved flowers, because you are worth it!


Enchanted Flowers preserve memories with love. You may choose a different floral design and colour to show affection to your family and friends. We hope that our product will bring back all the memories with your special one and relish the moment.


Preserved flowers are made of fresh flowers by using special techniques to preserve the best condition of flowers. Having preserved flowers at your home and workplace will definitely make you feel fresh and bright every day.


Enchanted Flowers only uses premium preserved flowers imported from Japan and Ecuador that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Preserved flowers may last for 2 years or above with a wide range of colours available.  


We would like to invite you to join us in the journey of Enchanted Flowers!