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Q & A

What are Preserved Flowers?
Preserved flowers are made of fresh flowers by using special techniques to preserve the best condition of flowers. The complex and unique preservation process ensures flowers stay in their best shape, colour and quality and preserved flowers may last for 2-3 years.

Preserved flowers are the perfect choice for you, if you love the liveliness of fresh flowers and the long-lasting appearance of silk flowers.


Why preserved flowers?

  • Every preserved flower is at the peak of their beauty and radiance
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Suitable for any occasions, such as celebration and marriage proposal
  • Allergy-friendly, as preserved flowers have no pollen
  • Last for 2 to 3 years

What flowers do Enchanted Flowers use?
Enchanted Flowers uses premium preserved flowers imported from Japan and Ecuador. Our preserved flowers are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

What is the difference between preserved flower and dried flower?

  • Preserved flowers and dried flowers are both made of fresh flowers. 
  • Dried flowers are dehydrated, with wrinkled petals and faded colour. Dried flowers product usually has a rustic and retro appearance.
  • Preserved flowers maintain the colour and gradience of fresh flowers. Preserved flowers can be arranged for different occasions with sophisticated appearance.


Why are preserved flowers more expensive than fresh flowers?
The quality of preserved flowers varies between different origin and price. The preserved flowers that we use are produced by experienced manufacturer in Japan and Ecuador. The overall cost and production time for preserved flowers are higher than fresh cut flowers.