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Product care

Preserve flower care tips:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight - sunlight may cause the colour fading
  • Do not water - water may degrade the colour of flower
  • Avoid direct contact with any objects - may cause damage and colour transfer
  • Dust on flowers - use soft brush or hair dryer with low temperature to blow off dust


  • 避免陽光直接照射及高溫環境:陽光會令保鮮花褪色及乾裂
  • 不用澆水:水分會令花瓣顏色變得透明
  • 避免與其他物品接觸:花瓣顏色可能會染到衣物或牆壁等
  • 花朵表面的灰塵:可使用柔軟的毛刷掃輕輕掃走或使用吹風機調至風力最弱的冷風吹走灰塵